The Focus of Peace

doves peace

“What you focus on grows.”  We tend to focus on the discord in the world and it accordingly grows. This site is requesting a focus of one moment in time on Peace.

Our media focuses on the turmoil, grief, disagreements and strife around the world. We need programming that reports the good news that abounds. At any given time there are more people who are smiling, happy, surrounded by loved ones and family than the opposite.

Historians divide our history based on wars and strife. It is left to archeologists to report on the daily lives of our ancestors minus the war and strife.  We have monuments to World War I, World War II, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial etc. What would a Peace Museum look like? Would anyone visit?

It is our focus that can change the world. A Peace organization should focus on the probable Peace versus the strife for donations. Let’s watch our focus.

Peace be with you and Peace be with the World.

About sdransom

I am a Peace lover. I dare to believe that a critical mass of peace lovers can create a phase transition causing a shift in world consciousness toward living in peace. We can all feel the undercurrent of the desire for peace on earth. It CAN happen. Join this movement. Share the posts. I am grateful for you!
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