Peace is NOT the Opposite of War

peace war

We tend to live in a world of duality much too often which simplifies things if the duality is true. This writer puts forth the idea that War is not the opposite of Peace. Peace is not wholly love and War is not wholly hate.  If all wars in the world suddenly ceased, there would not be world peace. There would simply be a world without war. Inner conflicts, family conflicts, and tribal/community conflicts would still exist. If Peace has a mirror image, it is acceptance – beginning with self-acceptance and flowing outward to the acceptance of others.

Peace emanates from within each person and for peace to reign supreme, we must touch each individual separately. This blog seeks to touch individuals to make changes in themselves and to push that change outward by asking for peace for themselves and then the world. Start with peace within and watch your immediate world change. Want to share the bounty?

Wherever you are at noon today, declare, “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”

This writer would love commentary on this post and please share within your circles of influence.

About sdransom

I am a Peace lover. I dare to believe that a critical mass of peace lovers can create a phase transition causing a shift in world consciousness toward living in peace. We can all feel the undercurrent of the desire for peace on earth. It CAN happen. Join this movement. Share the posts. I am grateful for you!
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