Is World Peace Possible?

peace denied


There are wars and rumors of wars. Where is the peace and rumors of peace? Daily we are inundated with the talk of currents wars and imminent wars. It leads one to believe that peace is an illusion. I, for one, refuse to accept this concept of the world.

Worldwide on any given day, there are more people experiencing the joys of peace that the horrors of war. We are provided with a skewered picture of our world reality by the constant reporting of war and warmongering and the absolute absence of reporting on peace and peace makers.

Worldwide peace is possible. It cannot and will not happen overnight or in an instant but it can be achieved. How? One of the basics of the Law of Attraction is the simple saying – Energy flows where attention goes. What does this mean? More people need to give their attention to PEACE vs War. This thought is the entire premise of this blog.

Join those of us who have already committed to building an energy flow of PEACE thinking. Wherever you are at noon – stop and say to yourself or your companions – “Peace be with the You and Peace be with the World.”

With mounting participation, it will create a shift in worldwide energy. Thank you to for the fitting image for this post.

PEACE be with You and PEACE be with the World.

About sdransom

I am a Peace lover. I dare to believe that a critical mass of peace lovers can create a phase transition causing a shift in world consciousness toward living in peace. We can all feel the undercurrent of the desire for peace on earth. It CAN happen. Join this movement. Share the posts. I am grateful for you!
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