Connection: Antidote to Peace


peace connection

There is a plague in the world that has killed more men, women and children one hundred fold over all diseases – the name of that plague is war – a system perpetuated by a profound, continuous disconnect.

Every person we perceive as ‘the other’ represents a disconnection. It is no coincidence that we dehumanize our chosen enemies on fields of war with names like ‘gooks’, Jerrys, ‘japs’, ‘towelheads’ etc. A soldier needs to believe on some level that he is not killing human beings, instead he is killing ‘others’; those who are somehow not the same as themselves. Killing is not normal. The weeks of military bootcamp are training a soldier to fire on command; to believe that there is an other – an enemy- who means him harm and to believe that killing is necessary (in this instance). It is only through a belief that he has killed ‘others’ that a soldier can return to civilian life as a loving and caring father, son, husband and community bleeding heart.  He is not plagued with nightmares of killing other fathers, sons, husbands because his training disconnected them from humanity.

All war and strife will dissipate with connection versus separation.

We are all divine.

We are all divinely created.

We are all divinely connected.

We are all the same.

Now and forever more.


Notice the next time you dislike someone’s actions, presence or character as being off putting or even threatening. List the things that you see as being off putting and what your list will contain is a list of reasons they are unlike you. Then, list the ways you are the same from having two legs, two arms, a nose, hair, a heart etc. I guarantee that the list of similarities will always be longer than the list of perceived differences.

Why? The differences we see are with the eyes. The list of similarities reminds you of what the soul sees every moment;

We are all divine.

We are all divinely created.

We are all divinely connected.

We are all the same.

Now and forever more.

All war and strife will dissipate with connection versus separation.


At noon each day, wherever you are on the globe, say these words and believe these words –

“Peace be unto you and Peace unto the world.”

Wishing you Peace!

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Do You Believe that Peace is Possible?

everything is possible 2

As I watch the giant leaps in progress in most areas of society, I am astounded at the rapidity. Each and every day I feel as if I am already living in a once imagined future. Drones are becoming necessary and available. Books can be ordered online. Anything can be ordered online. Flat screen TVs are hanging on the wall. Homes can be programmed to function when you are away. Cars can parallel park themselves. Wholesome dinners can be prepared in less than an hour. Ideas about the roles of men and women are opening. Cruelty to animals is seen as being a choice and unnecessary. Oppression is being questioned. Travel to other planets is an everyday thought. Telephones are mini-computers. Fitness can be programmed. So many. many changes and steps forward in the evolution of man – except in one area – War.

Why are things changing so rapidly? Because so many of us believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! We are embracing the idea that thoughts are things and that if we can imagine it, we can build it.  However, it is evident that we have not embraced the concept of the impracticality and uselessness of war. We continue to define mankind in concepts of conflict and resolution. We build museums to war. We have holidays to commemorate wars. Is there a place in a Memorial Day Parade for a Peace March? We visit battlefield sites – not to contemplate peace but to remember the wars and the suffering.

This space is dedicated to PEACE. This space is dedicated to believing in PEACE. This space is dedicated to actively invoking PEACE. When we believe that PEACE is possible – it will evolve. Take this small step and join me in a worldwide invocation for PEACE.

At noon each day, wherever you are on the globe , say these words, believe these word –

“Peace be unto you and Peace unto the world.”

Wishing you Peace!

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All That is Required – Divine Matrix

one percent

Key# 16  The minimum number of people required to ‘jump start’ a change in consciousness is the square root of one percent of a population.

Gregg Braden “The Divine Matrix

I recently read the book, The Divine Matrix, by Gregg Braden for the first time. Of course, I took note of his formula for a change in consciousness. I was reminded of an occasion on the Oprah Winfrey show right after the 9-11 plane crashes when Marianne Williamson suggested that our response should be world-wide peace prayer groups and no one listened. I knew in my soul that she was correct in her suggestion and was astounded that no one on stage acknowledged her promptings.

To prove that we are all truly connected, this blog makes the same suggestions before knowing the mathematics posed by Braden.

I will keep posting until this idea takes hold.

Everyday at noon, where ever you are on the globe – Speak the simple words with heartfelt sentiment – “May there be peace in the world, and may there be peace with you.”

Join this consciousness change movement.

I am grateful for you!

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Calling Out the Traditionalists

je suis charlie

This human needed a moment to let it all soak in. Although this rampant exhibition of violence was mind-numbing, it is just a small piece of what is happening in many places around the globe everyday. The funny thing is that the radicals DO NOT outnumber the traditionalists by even a close margin in all of the affronts.  One day we will question why the traditionalists quietly allow a few to sully the waters.

Let’s dream for a moment. What if a growing number of traditionalists had chosen to pray outside the office of Charlie Hebdo for an indeterminate amount of time. What they would be praying for is irrelevant. Day by day, they appeared and peacefully prayed. Would the newspaper’s editors have taken a different road by actually seeing and feeling the calm energy of non-radicals in a religion under attack? We will never know.

Non-violence is effective but those who seem willing to practice it in numbers large enough to cause a ripple may be a thing of the past. The traditionalists were possibly just as unhappy with the activities of the newspaper – but they were silent. The old adage that ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’ has changed to ‘the squeaky wheel gets the press’ and the press determines public perception.

What I know for sure is that there are more people on earth who long for peace than there are people on earth who long for disruption and warfare. This blog is written in an effort to raise the voices of the silent dreamers of peace.  If those who want peace used their voices once a day in unison, there would be a change in atmosphere that the world has never known. This movement is only possible because of access to worldwide technology to synchronize our desires.

Please join me each day at noon, wherever you are in the world, and exchange these words – “Peace be with you and peace be with the world.” It will feel like its always noon somewhere as the chant surrounds the earth.

Peace be with you!

photo: courtesy of

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Peace Beyond Christmas

peace on earth bird

To day is the official end of the Holiday season. For a short time, many have stopped to consider love, joy, family and peace. For a short time, many have actually felt love, joy, peace and family support. If this holiday period can embrace these feelings, why is it impossible to extend it beyond January 2nd?

Peace on Earth is not an imagined place, it is a possible place. Just as the spiritual agreement of millions enables peace to descend for millions during the Holidays, the agreement of millions and billions more can create true Peace on Earth.

My sincerest wish for the year 2015 is Peace on Earth.

What is yours? What will you do about it?

Join me today and everyday at noon, wherever you are in the world, by saying these words with a certainty in your heart – “Peace be with you and Peace be with the World.”


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Peace be with you and Peace be with the World

attention flows

Energy goes where attention flows. As this year comes to an end, I had so many ideas to share but this one kept bubbling to the surface. The attention of the world is consistently focused on unrest and war. Therefore the world’s energy in the form of capital, resources and life force are all flowing in the wrong direction away from peace. No superior being has written that our differences are to be settled in conflict. This is a choice that we are consciously making every day.

I am advocating for a change in choice. Choose peace. A little bite at a time.

At noon each day, wherever you are in the world – Stop and say these words (even if you are alone) “Peace be with you and Peace be with the World.”

This small shift in attention towards peace CAN shift our conscious evolution. Will you join me? Will you share this post? The positive evolution of the world depends on it.

“Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”

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Seeing Both Sides of the Peace/War Equation

peace battered

Our organized news programs report regularly on the bad news: Ebola, refugees, wars, strife, unrest and hatred. There is indeed much to despair.

Refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people worldwide number 50 million and rising. 

11.7% of the world is at war as of July 25, 2014 according to 

That leaves 88.3% of the world population NOT at war currently.

I recently spent a week in Seattle and enjoyed a city tour led by Micheal, a retired high school history teacher, who pointed out how focused we are on what we perceive to be wrong in the world. We asked him why there were so many panhandlers in Seattle. He then asked, ‘ How many have you noticed?’ Our answer – 8. He then said that of the 652,405 people living in the area, we should question our keen observance of 8 individuals (who by the way had not done us any harm.) Micheal then went on to point out that as a teacher, he had regularly challenged his students to flip the numbers in the media to get a full picture of reality. Sort of like focusing on the 7.2 % unemployed without mentioning or celebrating the 92.8% who are gainfully employed.

This thinking refocused my efforts in reaching out to you, the citizens of the globe we call home, to join this movement in focusing our attention on what we WANT to see in the world versus what we do not want to see in the world. The numbers are on our side.

If half of the 88.3% of the world population who are NOT at war joined the 50 million of the people displaced by war (who I can assure you are praying for Peace) – a mighty tide of affirmative thought would begin to change the world.

Join me and others as we speak affirmations of Peace. Today and everyday at noon (whatever your time zone), say the following phrase (even if you are alone) “Peace Be with you and Peace be with the world.”

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Peace on Earth – A Perspective from an Alien Spaceship

rumors of wars

This item was posted before the recent escalating war tensions code named “Isis.”  It deserves a repeat submission. We live in a world that constantly mentions ‘authenticity’ and yet, we have no congruence in the most important aspect of surviving intact on this planet.  The original title was ‘A World of Contradiction’.

Our life experiences are built on having clear intentions in thoughts, words and actions. Not only would a group of aliens from another world be mystified after watching our civilization for a period of time, but we are also equally mystified. Our thoughts, words and actions are not in congruence. We on occasion speak of peace but just follow the thread to see what the aliens from another world would see:

We hold peace talks without either side having a viable solution on the table.

We hold peace marches carrying signs that mention War.

We launch wars to establish peace.

Our peacekeepers carry guns.

We erect statues to generals but not peace martyrs.

We carry guns to feel safe.

Our governments begin and end in revolution.

We watch endless hours of violence on televisions.

We buy violent video games for our children to play.

Our most prized award – The Nobel Peace Prize – has an exploding stick of dynamite on its reverse side.

It will take the combined thoughts, words and actions of a multitude to begin to create a wave of change.

Join with me and others around the world as we agree to extend peace at noon each day by saying “Peace be with you, and peace be with the world.”

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7 Reasons Why World Peace is Elusive

broken peace

Our hearts are heavy with the unveiling of current events around the globe. War, strife and discontent seem to reign supreme. Although we are more advanced in technology, science, mathematics, and calculated physical endurance we seem to be mired in old and new conflicts that drain our resources, energy and life essence. Why?

  1. We continually act on our belief that one religion trumps another.
  2. We continually act on our belief that differences in appearance are soul-altering.
  3. We continually move father away from expressing gratitude for what we have.
  4. We refuse to see the unbreakable connection between humans.
  5. We rationalize historical events as victors always provide the historical account.
  6. We collectively focus on war/injustice in our thoughts, word and actions.
  7. We collectively refuse to join in worshiping Peace among all peoples and nations.

This blog is written as an invitation to address number 7. With the advent of technology and its ability to broadcast instantly around the globe – broken Peace is ever more evident.

Surprise, there are more people living in Peace than not. However, you would never know that from the incessant broadcasts of war and strife. It is time for the peace seekers, peace lovers and those living in peace to unite and work FOR peace. It is a small step but powerful.

Join me at noon today and every day as words are powerful.  Wherever you are on the globe say these words to yourself or your companions, “Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.”

The energy of words is stronger than bullets, missiles and tanks when collectively focused.  Share this blog with all of your friends and lists. Join a movement FOR Peace.

Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.

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Rumors of Wars; The Beginning of Peace

rumors of wars

Most of us are familiar with the biblical admonishment of ‘wars and rumors of wars’.  Since the world has become a village due to television, cable and satellite transmissions – the presence of every conflict is announced and repeated over and over and over. Our faces are turned away from any good in the world to witness carnage on what seems to be a wide scale. My heart aches for all of those in the throes of dissent, conflict and rumors of wars.

It is at these times that I retreat inward. I turn off all news broadcasts and turn my thoughts toward resolution versus mindless witnessing. The only positive change in the world will occur through a change in the consciousness of mankind. When we become silent witnesses, judging the right and the wrong of any conflict – we unwittingly become a part of the festering situation.

NOW is the time to surround the earth with a resounding consciousness shift. LOVE always triumphs over judgement, hatred and polarization. There ARE more people of good consciousness in the world than we believe – but we are silent. LOVE is energy. Active LOVE is an even greater energy.

Join me in surrounding the earth consistently with a new consciousness and energy. Move away from being a witness and instead at noon, each day, wherever you are say these words with me – “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”  It is an energy that makes a difference.

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