Seeing the Earth Through the Consciousness of Love

earth comparison

Thank You to Growing Bolder for such a though provoking image. Have you ever questioned how you see the world? There is little doubt that our feelings of separation and imagined superiority fuel our daily world conflicts. When, in reality, we are all one connected by the same bodily needs – to breath, to eat, to move our bodies, to sleep – and the same spiritual needs – to feel loved, to love, to share, to work for purpose, to search for meaning.

PEACE is the realization that we are all one and that when one suffers we all suffer on some level. If you are feeling happiness today, imagine that being magnified by millions in a worldwide shared happiness. We have wars because the collective consciousness is focused on war and strife. Our books, our televisions shows, our national conversations are all focused on war and rumors of wars.

Join me in turning our consciousness in a new direction – PEACE. Let’s think about PEACE, talk about PEACE, live PEACE.  All movements begin simply with the individual. Today at noon, wherever you are in the world at noon and every noon – say these words –

“PEACE be with you and PEACE be with the world!”

How fortunate we are that the noon hour moves slowly and circles the globe. What would happen if all of the legislative bodies in the world stopped at noon in their time zone to proclaim PEACE each day? PEACE as an energy would begin to enter the collective consciousness. Wow! I get chills.

(It is telling that this movement for Peace has never gone viral. I guess I don’t use enough bloody pictures or starving youth pictures to grab attention:) Talk back! Let me know what you think…

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Is World Peace Possible?

peace denied


There are wars and rumors of wars. Where is the peace and rumors of peace? Daily we are inundated with the talk of currents wars and imminent wars. It leads one to believe that peace is an illusion. I, for one, refuse to accept this concept of the world.

Worldwide on any given day, there are more people experiencing the joys of peace that the horrors of war. We are provided with a skewered picture of our world reality by the constant reporting of war and warmongering and the absolute absence of reporting on peace and peace makers.

Worldwide peace is possible. It cannot and will not happen overnight or in an instant but it can be achieved. How? One of the basics of the Law of Attraction is the simple saying – Energy flows where attention goes. What does this mean? More people need to give their attention to PEACE vs War. This thought is the entire premise of this blog.

Join those of us who have already committed to building an energy flow of PEACE thinking. Wherever you are at noon – stop and say to yourself or your companions – “Peace be with the You and Peace be with the World.”

With mounting participation, it will create a shift in worldwide energy. Thank you to for the fitting image for this post.

PEACE be with You and PEACE be with the World.

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Peace for Sochi

sochi peace

The coming Olympics meeting in Sochi is highlighting the reason that this blog and others need to exist. The cornerstone of the conception of the Olympics is for nations to come together peacefully once ever four years to coexist while setting aside all cultural, religious and other man-made barriers to peaceful coexistence.

Before this meeting, the Games were making advancements in meeting their agenda for peaceful coexistence as new nations stepped forth to participate and women athletes from Arab countries participated along with athletes who were physically challenged.  New data surfaced that suggested that fewer wars were being fought than at any other time in recent history. None of this has contributed to the assurance of peace during this year’s ceremonies. Why not?

Peace is a mindset. Can there be ‘Peace on Earth’ if both the people living in the throes of war and the people living outside the throes of war are all focused on war and the threat of war? Although I am fortunate enough to live in a country that is not ravaged by daily reminders of war like hunger, fear, loss of loved ones or no assurance of tomorrow – I am not at peace. The aura of war is omnipresent.

Back to the Olympics. In prior years, there was a growing and glowing awareness of who was competing, which sports would be on display, the beautiful settings for the Games, and the probable heroes that would stand on the podium to receive the metals. This year, the glow has been replaced with apprehension for the safety of our athletes and their families.

I am one person. I can only control my mindset.  But, I can invite you and others to change your mindsets. Collective thought drives the energy of world thought. The mission of this blog is to collect Peaceful energy at a strategic time each day.

Join those of us who have undertaken this journey – at noon (wherever you are in the world), say these words. “Peace be with you, and Peace be with the world.” SHARE this blog and push the movement forward.

“Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.”

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Peace is a Process


Today is the day dedicated to reviving and celebrating the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This post would be remiss in not celebrating on of the peacekeepers of the last century.

His words are, as always, well voiced. Peace is a process that must be shared by everyone to come into effect. One comment to this post suggested that the premise of the post is a good one but doubted the power of collective voices. I have full faith in the power of collective energy in changing the world. The world has not known peace because the world has not collaborated toward peace.

Dr. King raised consciousness through collaborative thinking, speaking and action. The fruits of that mission continue to unfold.  This is a good day to join the mission of this post: Wherever you are today at noon, speak peace for those with you and for the world;

“Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”


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The Energy of Peace

peace and love

We have reached a place in time that most of us understand that energy controls the planet. Our thoughts, our words, our bodies and our actions all form an alignment of energy that either supports peace and love or that works to disrupt peace and love. I personally have no doubt that there are more peace-minded individuals on the planet than war mongers. So why does war seem to trump peace?

We, the peacemakers, peace thinkers and peace lovers are not projecting our peace as a group. Collective energy trumps individual energy. This blog will always point toward collective energy. The beauty of it is that the collective energy would form a continuous circle of peace projection as the clock strikes noon in different countries and cultures at differing times. In other words, as I am sleeping – thousands or millions around the world would be continuing the energy loop.

Are you practicing individual peace without projection? Are you sharing this blog with everyone you know? Are you telephoning someone at noon just to spread the word? Remember, individual peace thoughts and actions work in your NOW space. Let’s expand NOW in a dynamic way – join the movement:

At noon wherever you are in the world, say words similar to these; “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.” Call someone at noon or make this the continuous text around the world. Thanks to new technology, the loop can be transmitted through words, thoughts and actions. Words are man’s most powerful energy – so speak the words as you read them or text them. Watch what happens…

“Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”


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Peace Fits All Beliefs

peace by any other name

I love this picture and its correlation between the different names for Supreme Beings and the word – Peace.



Attitudes of

Consciousness (Love)


My definition is in sync with our loving definitions of our differing Supreme Beings. Join me at noon today and everyday as we start a revolution for peace by saying “Peace be with You and Peace be with the World.” Positive energy wins every single time.

“Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”

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Peace Begins With You – Are You Willing to Participate?

peace begins with you

As we begin 2014 many encouraging and disturbing images are afoot. There is a current pope, Pope Francis, who seems to want to demonstrate and live the voices of the scriptures and (believe it or not) there are fewer wars and conflicts happening at the same time than in any other time in history. The United States is in the throes of self-identifying and wrestling with previously unspoken trusts and dividing thoughts. As painful as it has been, it is forcing a deep self-realization that defies our national slogans. 

Pope Francis is a living example of understanding that Peace begins with the individual (no, I am not Catholic). On some level, all men seek peace and it begins with the individual. Are you ready, in this New Year, to take on the armor of Peace. It begins with the spoken word and continues into your actions towards other humans and all other living creatures.  Here are a few tips to help you embody Peace:

1. At the beginning of each day, ask for Peace for yourself, your family, your community, your world.

2. Monitor your thoughts each day for non-peaceful thinking. Drop judgement by understanding that you never have the full story.

3. Refuse to be a part of conversations that promote divisiveness. Choose, instead, to speak words of hope and Peaceful expectation.

4. Smile at everyone you meet. It makes your body heal faster and sends a message of inclusiveness to others.

5. Join me at noon everyday, wherever you are in the world, and say these words – “Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.

6. Before retiring at night, give thanks for your day of Peace. If it has not been a Peaceful day, then look for the lessons and improvements you can make as you are blessed with another day on tomorrow.

Are you willing to step into it?

“Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.”

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World Peace is Possible

world peace is possible
Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It is a day of gratitude and remembrance. We honor the many soldier who have lived and died to ensure our freedoms. As we live this day of remembrance – the longest war in our history continues. Is this war bringing us peace?

War cannot produce peace any more that hate can produce love. Peace begets peace. A world peopled with those who honor peace will bring peace. It is not a simple solution or an easy solution, but it is one we must consider before we practice the art of war into a state of being we do not want to face.

I start with the individual. What can you do? You are only able to control your own actions. Today at noon wherever you are in the world – say these words – “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.” – Let this become a meme that is heard around the world. Why? Because Peace begets Peace.

image –

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The Energy of BEING Peaceful


I recently attended a class in which the comment was offered that “World Wars 1 and 2 happened because during that period of time ‘no one was dancing’. This caused me to reflect on a previous period in my life when I tried to understand the purpose of monks and monasteries during the Middle Ages and other turbulent times in history. I finally understood that their mere presence and their constant prayer provided a balancing of energy against the barbarianism of their times.

Man needs a balance for his seemingly innate aggression. During a seminar with Abraham Hicks – someone posed the question of “What is the purpose of animals?” Abraham answered that animals have two purposes – one, to balance the aggression of man, and 2, to provide food.

Are we dancing enough? Is there enough joy in our world to offset the evils? Is all of the current aggression simply mirrored and enlarged by worldwide coverage and repetition on television and on the internet? What do you think?

This blogger always returns to her invitation to balance the negative energy of the world for short periods during the day. At noon, where ever you are, just say these words “Peace be with you, and Peace be with the World.” Individually and collectively – I believe we can make a conscious difference.

Any thoughts????

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Peace is NOT the Opposite of War

peace war

We tend to live in a world of duality much too often which simplifies things if the duality is true. This writer puts forth the idea that War is not the opposite of Peace. Peace is not wholly love and War is not wholly hate.  If all wars in the world suddenly ceased, there would not be world peace. There would simply be a world without war. Inner conflicts, family conflicts, and tribal/community conflicts would still exist. If Peace has a mirror image, it is acceptance – beginning with self-acceptance and flowing outward to the acceptance of others.

Peace emanates from within each person and for peace to reign supreme, we must touch each individual separately. This blog seeks to touch individuals to make changes in themselves and to push that change outward by asking for peace for themselves and then the world. Start with peace within and watch your immediate world change. Want to share the bounty?

Wherever you are at noon today, declare, “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”

This writer would love commentary on this post and please share within your circles of influence.

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