Peace be with you and Peace be with the World

attention flows

Energy goes where attention flows. As this year comes to an end, I had so many ideas to share but this one kept bubbling to the surface. The attention of the world is consistently focused on unrest and war. Therefore the world’s energy in the form of capital, resources and life force are all flowing in the wrong direction away from peace. No superior being has written that our differences are to be settled in conflict. This is a choice that we are consciously making every day.

I am advocating for a change in choice. Choose peace. A little bite at a time.

At noon each day, wherever you are in the world – Stop and say these words (even if you are alone) “Peace be with you and Peace be with the World.”

This small shift in attention towards peace CAN shift our conscious evolution. Will you join me? Will you share this post? The positive evolution of the world depends on it.

“Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.”

About sdransom

I am a Peace lover. I dare to believe that a critical mass of peace lovers can create a phase transition causing a shift in world consciousness toward living in peace. We can all feel the undercurrent of the desire for peace on earth. It CAN happen. Join this movement. Share the posts. I am grateful for you!
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