Peace, Thanksgiving and Illusions


Peace is not an illusion.

Peace is not something we must strive for.

Peace is our birthright and we can choose to access it for more than one day – Thanksgiving. Today as we practice Peace, the world will experience a shift felt around the world. Over 200 million people will actually believe in Peace if only within the confines of family dwellings for an hour or two. This shift does not have to be temporary, it can last if more of us choose Peace over division every day.

Our world is filled with illusions and the biggest being that we are separated by race, creed, culture, country etc. It is an illusion. We are all one soul having many experiences. What affects one affects all. If we truly believed this truth, then there would be no division, no wars, no conflicts and no need for a one day celebration of THANKS.

Choose today to believe in and to PRACTICE peace every day. Awareness, one person at a time, slowly changes the illusion of our being able to destroy another without destroying us all.


Today, I choose Peace. Tomorrow I will choose Peace. What will you choose?

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Peace Begins at Home in this Election


It is the day AFTER the election for President of the United States. Where there should be Peace, there is strife, fear, boastful pride, recrimination, blame and a broken sense of Peace. The United States which has for many years worked so hard to position itself as the very symbol of Peace and unity is in the midst of an internal war. How did we come to this place, it matters little. How we escape from this place matters much.

PEACE begins at home. Peace begins with the individual. To rescue our sense of Peace we must step away from all of the actions and emotions that are the very antithesis of Peace. For The United States to regain its worldwide symbolism as a peacemaker, it must become peaceful within itself. Where there is no Peace there is no freedom for anyone because there will always be a wave of resentment flowing as an under current.

None of us can resolve what has been brewing for months on a national scale but we can each resolve it within ourselves and within our homes. Declare yourself to be peaceful and accepting. Declare your home to be a refuge of Peace. Refuse to discuss unrest. Refuse to allow media in your home that glorifies unrest. See Peace and you will find it. If it does not feel like Peace, it is not Peace.

I will abandon my usual request for this installment because it is difficult to envision world Peace until we have embraced home Peace. Start with the things in your immediate control – yourself; your home.

Wishing you Peace and Love!

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Are You Wearing Peace?


This post spends a lot of energy suggesting that world Peace begins with individual Peace. In that vein, are you peace today? The day after contentious presidential debates, it is so easy to remain in that space of contention. So easy to discuss it with friends. So easy to read and reread posts on the subject. So easy to slip into judgment and disquiet.

I am choosing to stand on Peace today by wearing peace. How can I do this? How can you do this? By claiming Peace as your daily walk. Each morning I pray that God allows Peace to surround me – under me, above me, around me and coming from me. My choice is to radiate individual Peace. This individual Peace snowballs into world Peace.

Join me at noon today and say these words “May there be Peace in you and Peace in the world.”

I am grateful for you.

Be sure to share this post with others as eagerly as you share inspiring quotes and laughable moments.

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What Can You Do?


Today is International Peace Day! It is a day that allows us a connected space to pray for International Peace, to practice personal Peace and to give thanks for the energy of peace.

Contrary to the many pronouncements of the media, Peace prevails. Pockets of war and strife garner all the headlines while ongoing personal and national peace initiatives and victories create an energy that sustains our fragile planet.

I pray daily for world Peace and for those who are caught in the jaws of conflict and personal danger, Join me. I practice sending peaceful energy to all that I meet, Join me. I offer prayers of thanks for the energy of Peace in every living thing on earth, Join me. I also read Good News from http://www.goodnewsnetwork,org while others reach for the dominating media.

This space has the mission of connecting as many people as possible in peaceful thought and conversation at the same time every day. Words and feelings are our most powerful tools. Will you make the commitment to join others in circling the world with thoughts, word and actions of Peace?

Everyday at noon, no matter here you are in the world, speak Peace by saying these words, even if you are alone – “May there be Peace in your (my) world and May there be Peace in every corner of the world.”

I am grateful for you. I wish for you the loving serenity of Peace. Please share this article with your friends.

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Claim Personal Peace Today

peace small acts

Today, Claim Peace

We are living in turbulent times. The miseries of mankind are too easily paraded before our senses for speculation and judgement. This is an invitation for you to claim Peace in your life today. We have the blessing of being caretakers over our lives and the lives of those we meet in our daily walk.

Claim Peace for yourself and those you can see without live streaming, television or news reports.  Claim Peace and surrender any perceived troubles to a higher power. Your troubles need to be transformed not fixed.

Take and a deep breath and claim Peace. Oh, and by the way, your contagious smile goes with that claim…

At noon today, say these words – “May there be Peace in your life and Peace all over the world.”

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Try Peace and Love over Judgement

we are all connected

My sister posted on her Facebook page on yesterday that she was crying and listed all of her perceived miseries for the world to view. This is diametrically opposed to her usual posts. She was at a loss to explain her sudden despair. I was not.

The world and the universe are encircled in vibrations and we are increasingly vibrating high energy levels of hatred, unrest and judgement. It has become the mantra of American media to broadcast opinions and events devoid of fact. We are in a contentious election that is consumed with vicious branding, circulating untruths and posturing.

We are devoid of truth. We are almost forced to judge everything as either good or bad.

We, the people of earth, have options as we can choose to individually generate love and peace individually and collectively at any time. A critical mass can be reached that smothers the energy of unrest and lack of peaceful energy.

I am inviting you to BE Peace.

Today, I am choosing to BE Peace. I am declaring that I am Peace. There is Peace above me; Peace below me; Peace surrounding me and Peace coming from within me. Add this to your prayer and meditation sessions.

I am extending that Peaceful energy to you and the world. Join me in extending Peace in your area of the planet. Today at noon, wherever you are – speak word of Peace.

May there be Peace in my world.

May there be Peace in your world.

May there be Peace in the world.

Share this post and spread Peace!

I am grateful for you.

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broken peace

There are so many broken hearts, broken spirits, broken actions, broken deeds today in the aftermath of the Dallas ambush. Words are important. Truth in words is even more important. Those working in media have forgotten the importance of words and the need for perspective and truth. Virtual images are interpreted by the mind as word and feeling spurred by the words invoked.

The words ‘killer cops’ are much different that the words ‘rogue cops’. One denotes a group and the other denotes an element that has strayed. Our words matter. I will never join a ‘protest march’ as it has no goal toward solution. It only invokes images of anger and despair. I will join a march with a stated solution ; i.e. Bring Back Our Girls.

What are the words swirling in your head today? Are any of them including the word “Peace”? There can be no peace where there is no expectation of peace. Expectations, now that is another post.

May there be peace in your life.

May there be peace in our country.

May there be peace in the world.

Join me in speaking of and expecting peace today. Speak the words above and noon and encourage others to do the same. A critical mass ill occur.

I am grateful for you.

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Peace Stands Alone

peace stands alone

This morning as I contemplated life, I realized that Peace stands alone as a human concept. Peace must be consciously accepted. We are programmed, often unconsciously to hate – but Peace is a conscious concept. Peace is an inner core that develops through usage. I am feeling very peaceful today and it is a glow that can actually be perceived by others even though they are not sure what they are seeing.

Help me to spread the PRACTICE of world peace..

Today at noon, wherever you are, say these words with belief and feeling –

“Peace be with you and with the world.”

I am grateful for you!

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Peace on Earth is A Verb


Peace on Earth is a Verb, not a thought. ACTION with the INTENT of Peace is required. Today is the first day of 2016 and the first day of the rest of your life… join a MOVEMENT for Peace.

Today at noon, wherever you are in the world (even if alone) say these words – “May there be Peace in Your Life and May there be Peace on Earth.”

An unending circle of peaceful energy will vibrate daily creating a wave of thought towards Peace. We are all One. Connecting as One is a powerful energy.

Th basic elements of Peace will be the focus this year.  Please feel free to comment below. I would love to have your thoughts and invite you to read my thoughts of Peace. Happy 2016!

I am grateful for you…

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The Pope of Peace – Pope Francis

peace and love

Pope Francis came to America this week. He came at a time of internal strife that rivals no other time in our history. The strife is religious, ideological, racial and economic. In the midst of this strife, the media has chosen to focus on the religious, ideological, racial and economic overtones of his visit. What I see as he waves gracefully from his Pope-mobile and/or Fiat is peace.

This Pope deliberately chose a symbol of conscious peace for his name and has consciously chosen to demonstrate peace in action. As he visits each country, a little more of peace consciousness is deposited. As a people, we can choose to focus on the Church doctrines that have not been overturned or we can focus on the peaceful countenance before us.

He promotes caring for the poor, economic sharing and seeing a connection between ALL humans as we live on this earth. I am not Catholic, but I hold him in the highest reverence not for his position but for his actions and his heart.

Days after the September 11 attack, Oprah presented a panel to discuss our next actions. Marianne Williamson was a part of the panel and suggested that we form small groups to pray for peace. I had no clue regarding conscious shifts at the time, but now I clearly see her intention.

Peace consciousness is attainable. It requires a critical mass of humans desiring Peace continually at the same time. That is the goal of this site – to promote a critical mass action.

Will you join me and others? Everyday at noon (wherever you are in the world) say these words “Peace be with you and Peace be with the world.” Form small groups to pray for Peace in your community until SHIFT happens!

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