Try Peace and Love over Judgement

we are all connected

My sister posted on her Facebook page on yesterday that she was crying and listed all of her perceived miseries for the world to view. This is diametrically opposed to her usual posts. She was at a loss to explain her sudden despair. I was not.

The world and the universe are encircled in vibrations and we are increasingly vibrating high energy levels of hatred, unrest and judgement. It has become the mantra of American media to broadcast opinions and events devoid of fact. We are in a contentious election that is consumed with vicious branding, circulating untruths and posturing.

We are devoid of truth. We are almost forced to judge everything as either good or bad.

We, the people of earth, have options as we can choose to individually generate love and peace individually and collectively at any time. A critical mass can be reached that smothers the energy of unrest and lack of peaceful energy.

I am inviting you to BE Peace.

Today, I am choosing to BE Peace. I am declaring that I am Peace. There is Peace above me; Peace below me; Peace surrounding me and Peace coming from within me. Add this to your prayer and meditation sessions.

I am extending that Peaceful energy to you and the world. Join me in extending Peace in your area of the planet. Today at noon, wherever you are – speak word of Peace.

May there be Peace in my world.

May there be Peace in your world.

May there be Peace in the world.

Share this post and spread Peace!

I am grateful for you.

About sdransom

I am a Peace lover. I dare to believe that a critical mass of peace lovers can create a phase transition causing a shift in world consciousness toward living in peace. We can all feel the undercurrent of the desire for peace on earth. It CAN happen. Join this movement. Share the posts. I am grateful for you!
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